The existence of an IT strategy is essential to ensure the successful operation of public administration bodies. Nevertheless, existing IT strategies are often unsatisfactory or might not even exist in written form – such a strategy is very difficult to follow and implement.

With the conscious application of strategic management, organisations become capable of implementing their own strategies and also of preserving their achievements thereby ensuring a continuous improvement of efficiency in IT. We support our clients’ efforts by using the „Public Sector Balanced Scorecard” (PBSC) model – a planning and controlling methodology based on a balanced system of objectives and indicators, tailored specifically for public administration.

We pay special attention to:

  • a precise needs assessment;
  • the development of the vision, elaboration of the future management and technical concept, identification of appropriate priorities;
  • the elaboration of the action plan;
  • the determination of the main requirements related to the necessary investments and resources that will be utilized;
  • practical and financial feasibility;

IT related consultancy services

Our IT related consultancy services cover almost all fields of IT system development and operation.

In IT development projects we provide consultancy services in all stages of the process, from concept design to system installation. In the planning phase this primarily means concept design and the specification of technical requirements; the most important elements of the implementation phase are quality assurance of products and processes, testing, system delivery and acceptance, preparation for maintenance, support for deployment and training.

The failure of complex projects is prevalent worldwide, namely that the main factors of success – meeting the deadline, remaining within the budget allocation and realising appropriate quality developments – are not achieved properly, which is frequently caused by low quality project management. Our mission is to contribute to successful investments by our partners through our high-quality project management services.


Strategic consulting 

Strategic consulting connected to the developments of our partners is an important element of our services. We actively contribute to the development of project ideas and support the preparation phase of the project.

With our experience and expertise we contribute to the following:

  • feasibility study examining the political, economic-financial, legal, technical and environmental circumstances of the project;
  • ensuring compliance with corporate level strategic objectives;
  • expert preparation of the sponsorship possibilities of the project.

During the preparatory phase we provide support in the following:

  • stakeholder analysis;
  • detailed elaboration of the targets;
  • preparation of the project schedule, detailed financial and resource plan.

Risk management

We contribute to the formation of the necessary internal organisational arrangements, to the preparation of operating procedures of the project and to the design of the exit strategy.

Programme Management Office

To ensure high quality support of our partners’ projects we undertake the operation of the Programme Management Office (PMO). During its operation, the PMO provides the following services:

  • continuous monitoring of implementation of developed plans;
  • measuring the fulfilment of quality requirements;
  • financial controlling services;
  • efficient operation of internal and external communication processes.

Additional services:

  • administrative support of the project managers;
  • preparing reports for the senior management;
  • development of document templates and methodologies for the project;
  • preparation and compliance of the project documentation order;
  • fulfilment of project closure tasks;
  • appropriate dissemination of the results;
  • quality assurance of the project;
  • coordinating the collection and systematisation of experiences gained during the project.

We also provide high-quality public procurement expert services to our partners.

Our services include:

  • defining the characteristics of the procedure to be used during the public procurement procedure;
  • the professional preparation and elaboration of the call for tender document and other necessary documentation;
  • the elaboration of the eligibility and evaluation criteria;
  • the evaluation of tenders;
  • the preparation of a written expert report to support the proposed decision;
  • support during the contracting process.

On behalf of the Contracting Authority we take full responsibility for the execution of the public procurement procedure, for the complete documentation of process steps, for the evaluation of tenders in each phase as well as for the ongoing liaison with the Tenderers.

In the execution of public procurement procedures, we apply state-of-the-art solutions such as electronic procedures and electronic auctions. In order to carry out these activities to the highest quality, we have partnership agreements with several e-procurement service providers.

For the Tenderers we provide the following services:

  • compiling the necessary documentation to present an eligible tender;
  • monitoring of the entire process;
  • preparing the statements related to the public procurement procedure;
  • contributing to dispute resolution and redress processes.

When our company began its operations in 2002, our main activity was grant consultancy. We are proud to have been successfully continuing this activity to this day, helping and supporting our partners. Considering the original project proposal, we help our partners find optimal grant resources. Moving forward, we work together with our clients to optimize the project proposal in terms of grant resources (project development), we prepare the application form, feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis as well as all other necessary documents. We also help compile the final project documentation. In case the project enters the implementation phase, we provide the following services for the winning applicant: assistance in signing the grant agreement, expert accounting, audits, managing tasks related to changes that might occur on the beneficiary side (e.g. amendment of the grant agreement).

Our consultants support the realization of our clients’ development ideas in various areas ranging from research and development to logistics investments. We have over 20 years of experience related to various state grant schemes on both the donor and beneficiary side. Along with EU-funded programmes (e.g. Széchenyi 2020, Horizon 2020, transnational and cross-border programmes) we also provide services with regard to grant schemes funded by the Government of Hungary.

We put great emphasis on the quality assurance and audit of the projects and their outputs during and after its realisation. The purpose of quality assurance is to identify project-like operation, problems and the risks endangering the project’s goal, as well as to support risk management. We assess the quality of all products produced during the project and, if necessary, we make proposals for their content and form design. We monitor the operation of the project, evaluate the efficiency of the established project organisation, the applied information flow processes as well as the administrative order.

Case studies

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