Act L of 2013 on the electronic information security of central and local government bodies obliges the authorities covered by this law to audit and develop the security level of their IT systems. Our services efficiently help these authorities create and further develop their IT security in accordance with the information security law.

Information Security Audit

On 15 April 2013 the Hungarian Parliament adopted the information security law that is applicable to central and local government bodies. The law obliges central and local government authorities to develop their IT system’s security level.

The main obligations in the first phase are the following:

  • nomination of the person responsible for the security of the IT system,
  • elaboration of the IT security strategy and policy,
  • classification of the IT system in the appropriate safety class,
  • classification of the entire organisation in the appropriate safety class.

Our complex service portfolio ensures that the central and local government authorities will meet all the obligations related to the information security law. Our experts prepare the nomination of the person responsible for the security of the IT system, elaborate both the IT security strategy and IT security policy. In order to offer high quality services, our working methodology is customized in accordance with the client’s needs.

Our audit methodology contains:

  • the assessment of the current IT security level,
  • gap analysis of the discrepancies between the current situation and the situation obliged by the law, identification of the activities that are necessary to achieve the desired level of IT security (task, deadline, responsible, resource).

In addition, the preparatory analysis includes:

  • the review and evaluation of the existing IT contract portfolio,
  • the development of the SLA type contracts,
  • the elaboration of the disaster recovery plan,
  • the identification of the IT risks,
  • the assessment of the IT support system.

Following the examination of the current status, our experts prepare the nomination of the person who will be responsible for the IT security, elaborate the job description and support the selection procedure. In the first phase, we make proposals for the main structure of the IT security strategy and the working methodology. The working methodology for developing the IT security policy is the same as that used for strategy development; we always pay special attention to the quality assurance of the elaborated documentation.

The globalizing world has radically altered the fundamentals of security organisation. We believe that employee safety is a cross-border obligation, that is why we have experts who provide professional support to guarantee employee safety. Our complex travel security service includes all the elements that are essential to the safety of our partners’ employees, from pre-deployment preparation to emergency support to reintegration. Currently, the flagship of our security organisation is under development which, uniquely in Hungary, provides our service through an IT platform.

Our experts provide support in the complex conception of physical, logical and human security infrastructures, in the design, organisation and optimization of processes, as well as in comprehensive analyses.

Our references

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