Public consultation on the new EU Cohesion Policy (2021-2027)


The public consultation of the basic documents for the programming period 2021-27, the new operational programmes (OPs) and the main professional guidelines of the Partnership Agreement has started and is underway.

The Partnership Agreement, which outlines Hungary’s main challenges and development priorities, bases the use of cohesion funds on a vision for 2030 and 6 strategic goals that are necessary to achieve it:

  • A growing and healthy population that is competitive in the labour market
  • A high-tech and innovative Hungary that produces high added value, the 21st-century rebirth of Hungarian production culture
  • Energy independent Hungary, clean and safe environment
  • Fast and convenient transport, improved accessibility in the country as well as in the Carpathian Basin
  • Attractive rural lifestyle
  • Increasing the international competitiveness of the Carpathian Basin region

The above set of objectives is in line with the following EU policy objectives:

  • Smart Europe
  • A greener, low carbon and resilient Europe
  • A more connected Europe
  • Social Europe
  • A Europe closer to citizens


The Partnership Agreement summarises the planned interventions, based on the situation assessment, and their expected results at a higher level and in more general terms than the OPs.

The document also contains the main aspects of the institutional framework for the new Cohesion Policy, the necessary institutional and procedural changes, as well as capacity building expectations.

The Partnership Agreement seeks to achieve the above mentioned objectives and interventions through the following OPs:

The number of OPs remains unchanged during the new programming period (except for the amendment regarding the separation of Budapest and Pest counties) but they will be given new names. The Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP) will be renamed to Enterprise Development and Innovation Operational Programme (VINOP) and 30% of the planned funds will be allocated to this OP. Green transition will be supported to a greater extent than before, this OP (Green Infrastructure and Climate Protection Operational Programme) will receive 19% of the funds, while the Human Development Operational Programme will be given 7%. 20% is planned to be allocated for the Competitive Hungary Operational Programme which is in part based on the cooperation with local councils. The Mobility Operational Programme, aimed at transport development, will be allocated 20% of the planned funds, while the Digital Renewal Operational Programme will receive 4%. In addition, the Hungarian Aquaculture Development Operational Programme will be financed according to a unique set of rules.


Individuals, social and professional organisations, as well as enterprises are welcome to submit their comments and suggestions regarding the professional content of the documents until the end of January 2021 at