MultiContact Consulting was established more than 10 years ago. Since 2002, it has been a privately owned consultancy providing business services to its clients in the government and corporate sectors. We work with over 90 highly qualified experts with practical experience in the domains of organizational development and process improvement, public administration management, IT consultancy, public procurement consultancy, grant writing, project audit and project management. Our portfolio of services has seen continuous expansion and now contains all elements of “classical” management consultancy and IT consultancy services. We are glad that our continuously expanding client base trusts us with even more complex projects, recognizing in this way our team’s work attitude and professional successes. Helix Management and IT Consultancy Ltd., a MultiContact Consulting subsidiary, was founded in April 2014 and facilitates the development of information technology systems in the banking and financial sector.

1. Quality is more important than quantity 2. The human part is more important than the tool or methodology 3. Experts cannot be mass produced 4. There is no eternal rule or methodology 5. Project implementation is based on cooperation between the experts of various fields

Our success is measured by the increase of efficiency. We identify the real problems, and we offer solutions that are specific, achievable, tailored to the client’s needs and contribute to the increase of efficiency.
Continuous development: The high quality of our work is based on the continuous development of our processes, the periodical quality control, the careful selection of our colleagues and continuous professional training for our staff.
We take the responsibility for the quality of our work. We are more than a regular consultancy company: our professional liability insurance offers a 2 billion forints per year coverage related to our core business.
The security of our client’s data is primary: We introduced the ISO 27001 information security system in order to assure the proper security to our client’s data.
We consciously protect the environment: In 2012 we obtained the ISO 14001 certification that organizes in a system our daily efforts in the domain of environmental protection.



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Company Name: MultiContact Consulting Kft.
Address: 1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 105-113.
Tax number: 12965580-2-43
Trade register number: 01-09-712312


Our office is located inside 1/B. Bartók Court building ( The office building environment has free parking in the streets and it is possible to use the parking garage of the office building. Our office is easily accessible by public transport (BKV 19.49 tram; 7, 114, 173, 213, 214 buses). The parking garage has bicycle storage.