In our approach, organizational development is a complex task that is defined by external variables such as the legal environment, shareholder’s expectations, existent organizational strategies, organizational development goals and the organizational culture too. During the organizational development, we have to examine as a whole the organization’s tasks and processes, the supporting IT infrastructure, the existing human resource capacity and competencies and existing internal policies too. The organizational development could not be successful without the comprehensive handling of all of these elements. The main organizational development activities are the following:


After the review of the company’s goals and organizational structure, our experts specify long term objectives and the necessary resources and development objectives that assure the achievement of these long term objectives. The organizational and functional strategy will be elaborated only after the assessment of the internal and external environment and also of the market opportunities. The future operating range of the company will be determined by taking into account the market and consumer demands.


Every organization’s most important feature is that it has a determined goal and its’ resources are used in order to achieve that goal. In organizational development projects, we first establish and overview of the organizational structure, identify the tasks to be undertaken (defined by law, shareholders’ decisions or internal policies), the distribution of tasks between the organization’s departments. All these activities are performed in order to elaborate a report that includes all the necessary modification proposals. By implementing these proposals the system’s efficiency will increase. Through the simpler and more transparent organizational structure the responsibilities become clearer, the communication paths become shorter and in this way the company’s operation becomes faster and more efficient.


Our process-based approach includes the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the activities, lead times, elaborated documents and related reporting activities. The basis of the whole organizational development project is the process-focused approach. This approach views a series of activities as a single unit and focuses on the analysis of the intra- organizational processes and on the interactions between them.
a. Identify and rationalize the value creating activities and the non value creating activities too.
b. Clarify the implicated persons’ rights and responsibilities.
c. Map the existing processes and the interactions between them in order to elaborate the process inventory and process context diagram.
During the process development the documentation tools will be selected in accordance with the client’s need and the size of the process. The flowcharts are created in SmartDraw, Visio, PowerPoint, and on demand in accordance with the ARIS methodology. The minimal concept of the flowcharts: roles, process’ steps, relations, inputs, outputs and the portrayal of the tools that were used. The conventions approved by the client are described in the Convention’s manual.


The organization’s processes and operating structure are formed in accordance with the external regulatory environment, organizational strategies and tasks. The internal regulator’s functions are the provision of information, the assurance of intra-organizational integration and cooperation, the stabilization of the internal operations. The transformation of the internal control is necessary right after the process development. During the development process we assure the consistency between activities, processes and regulatory environments. Our goal is to create an unified internal regulatory system that assure the consolidation of the internal regulatory system’s levels, the rationalization of the number of different regulatory types, in order to eradicate the existing redundancies. In this way the regulatory structure becomes consistent and transparent.


The IT infrastructure assures the base of the organizational functioning, the base of efficient task fulfillment. During the organizational development projects we identify the IT functions that support the processes that assure the organizational goals’ achievement. Our experts identify the development and rationalization possibilities that facilitate the client organization in performing the daily work activities. Our goal is to have IT solutions that support the organizational processes and facilitate organizational performance too.


The outputs of the organizational development projects are useful only if they are incorporated in the client’s organizational culture. The operation’s efficiency requires the existence of human resource with adequate competencies. The assessment of the competencies that are necessary to operate the processes, the communication of the project development results and the development of the competencies together assure that the newly created processes, organizational elements or IT support activities to become part of the everyday work and to achieve the targeted result.


“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”

Dag Hammarskjold